1. You must have a page (no pornographic or racist contents) where you can display your cards. As well you must have a valid emailaddress.

2. Cheating will get you nowhere ! Stealing cards will not be tolerated !

3. One account per person.

4. Keep a detailed trading log, so we can check your earnings.

5. Be friendly even if someone does not want to trade with you.

6. Pay attention of the worth of your cards !

7. Do not use any nicknames like "Charmed-Lover" or something.

8. Earn an extra card by writing "Passionate" in front of your name (e.g. Passionate Saby)

9. Do not play any games or take any freebies until you receive your starter pack !

10. You are allowed directlink all graphics you need (cards, badges etc.) :-) !!!

11. You can only master 3 sets in a month !

12. Please do not bother us about not updating the page or not answering all mails ! We got our reasons for that !

13. You need a trading card from the games section !

14. Please link back to Passionate Dreams. We accept a linked level badge as well as a linked button.

15. Write "Dream" in the message box, so we see that you have read these rules.